L.A. with Ben Nordberg.


In a subculture where everybody claim freedom, it’s funny to see how you easely hated, just because your different. Ben is one of them ; Hated, and different. And that’s mainly why I love him, and I asked him to spend a day with me, cruising around L.A. discovering his new playground since he left england.
And what I discovered with him, it’s that sometimes been hated by the crowd, is the only true meaning of being different & creative.
( sorry for my french )

Text & photography Sebastien Zanella

From russia with love.

Well, let's start with a lie.This portfolio of Sasha Golyanova was not shot in Russia, but in Bali, Indonesia. In my defense, the subject here Nikita Avdeev ( & the photographer ) is from Russia and it's enough to justify the title.

Let’s start again…Nikita, is a young prodigy supported by Anker company, the first surf related brand from Russia. So, you see? the title says everything. Need to say more ?


Curated : Lost in Tokyo by Lucas Werner

If I had to hate someone for an unfair reason, it would be Lucas Werner for sure. At just 19 years old, he is everything I love about skateboarding, art and photography : A mix between innocence and arrogance. Far away from the hype, and so close to the soul.

Here Lucas shares with us some captured moments from his latest trip to Japan with a friend of his, and the result is... unfair. enjoy.





Keep summer Alive - with the RVCA Womens

Sometimes early morning doesn’t look the same. Every stars are perfectly align, and the sun is ready to rise. It was one of this morning, when I was lucky to share the first light with the RVCA women team - Jess Bouvier,  Margaux Arramon-Tucoo and Emilie Libier .

It was only few waves, only few hours, but sometimes it's enough to keep the summer alive.

S. Zanella



"The desert is our troubled state. It is the dwelling place of our demons. This is a land of illusions and thin air, the vision is so cleared at times that the truth itself is deceptive." —John C. Van Dyke, The Desert, 1901

Directed, filmed & edited by Sebastien Zanella
Tabernas Desert, Spain
Supported by Scrambler Ducati

Read the story in META Volume 008 - Available at readmeta.com

Please meet , Marcus Paladino

"I grew up on Vancouver Island (Canada) and now live on its western shores in Tofino. I admire the power of the area and the effect it has on the people who call this place home. I, however, am not quite ready to do the same. I still love to travel and experience beauty in all its worldly forms. That’s probably why I’m not comfortable labelling myself. I take photos of surfing, but I’m not just a surf photographer. I draw inspiration from other fields into my work in the hope of it not becoming labelled. Whether it’s people, places or passions, I want simple descriptions like “surf photo” or “nature shot” to fall short. I think that’s when my work becomes art."

Marcus Paladino.

A Different perspective / Montpellier by Friedjof Feye

"I am Friedjof, 29, skateboarding photographer living in Hanover, Germany.
Skateboarding, photography and travelling are playing a prominent role in my life.
All these things clear the way for my daily routine and create space for creativity.
Through photography I am able to communicate without actually talking which I personally really like.
Enough said. Let the photos speak for themselves."

More photos of mine on www.feye-photography.com

Heads Down - Florian Lanni

"Seven pictures with seven different perspective : Skaters & countries but they all have some things in common, the same deep passion, the one that keep us motivated to go explore and push ourself more & more everyday.
No matter who you are or what’s your style, we just keep going and pushing for the same reason….love of Skateboarding.
Florian Lanni

Shinya Masuda - Osaka, Japan

Kevin Vu - Phuket, Thaïlande

Lucas Puig & Flo Mirtain - Toulouse, France

Anthony bobongo - New York, United States

Anthony bobongo - New York, United States

Hélas Crew (max Frion, Lucas Puig, Stephen Khou, Dan Leung, Brian Peacock ) - Shanghai , China

Lucien Clarke - Bruxelles, Belgium  

Lucien Clarke - Bruxelles, Belgium


Max Frion - Zaragoza, Spain

Max Frion - Zaragoza, Spain

    More about Florian on : Florianlanni.com



More about Florian on : Florianlanni.com

Andy Criere - Art is Timeless

Art is blue. That passion flowing among the waves. Equilibrium. Harmony. A break from the routine. You, on your own. Nature’s fury maintains its infinite beauty. A feeling that is manifested in aesthetic and attractive forms. A continuous pursuit for beauty. Contemplation, the pleasure of a spirit that penetrates in Nature. A way to transmit emotion; a language. A way of life. Everything goes, changes and remains. Art is timeless. Art is Timeless es un corto sobre el surfista Andy Criere y un resumen de algunas de las olas del 2016. Art is Timeless is a short film about surfer Andy Criere and a summary of some of the waves of 2016. www.instagram.com/acriere www.instagram.com/adrianrodd

Postcard from Home

I didn´t expect it to hit me this hard. Since I moved to this land of fjords and mountains and unforgiving coldwater surfing a long time ago, there has never been any looking back.  But Norway is not always easy on you. The ocean decides. You will never tame it. It will spit you out and leave you shivering for a long time. But you keep coming back for more.
I don´t want to come in for a quick visit, or even a long visit. I don´t want to write postcards from here. After the first time I came here I knew I had to live here. So I live here. And my photographs are my postcards in a way. But I do believe that the most important moments are the ones between the photographs you take, and I feel that living somewhere extraordinary like on the rugged westcoast of Norway, gives me the energy and inspiration to venture out and search for situations where nature works the man in a way.
It´s good to be worked every now and then. It keeps you young. Or at least it keeps you from growing old.

Jonas fjordlapse - more about him on www.fjordlapsephotography.com

Please Meet, Alexandre Peneau

I'm Alex, a 22 years old film documentary director and photographer in the making. I bought my first camera with my first salary when I was younger and then I started to shoot the only thing which gave me inspiration : nature. I come from the south west of France, so it's easy for me to spend the most of my time between oceans and moutains meeting peoples who live in. My work is to tell thoses people's stories. I founded a collective (Barrel Vision) during my studies with friends who share the same inspirations with me.

Alexandre Peneau

Please meet Lenny by Milosz

I'm 24 years old guy from a small city called Zakopane in mountains in Poland. Now based in Warsaw. I started my adventure whith photography about 3 years ago, and now i cant imagine my life without it. My passion turned into job which i really love. Being a professional skier and skateboarder for years now gave me i think unique vision of the world which i can express as subjective intrepretation of reality.
Kamil Rozwadowski aka Lenny Valentino, in my opinion a true skateboarder, always carrying his atribute.Travelling and dedicating his whole life to this piece of wood. Lenny comes from east side of Poland and is 25 years old. We have met at some skate contest.
after moving in to Warsaw, we are spending a lot of time together on skateboard. Lenny is also a model with some model agency in Warsaw, so we decided to do some project in Paris.
We have spent there a week doing some funny stuff, travelling the city all around by skateboards and just having a good time chilling.

Milosz Rebes - More about his work on www.rbsphoto.pl